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July 16, 2020

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Washington Apple Education Foundation

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Why choose WAEF?

Why are we the legitimate source to tell students how to win scholarship money? The Washington Apple Education Foundation (WAEF) awards over one million dollars in scholarships each year to students who are connected to Washington’s tree fruit industry. In the past 25 years, WAEF has awarded over 9 million dollars to over 2000 students.

Why do we do this?

Why is this necessary? Every year, WAEF and its scholarship committees make note of those areas where students have struggled in the past, to ensure that future scholarship applicants don’t make the same mistakes.

Why make an effort?

Why should students make the effort? What do you believe all scholarship applicants share? They made the effort to submit a thorough application on time. Each year scholarships go un-awarded because the individual(s) possessing the qualifications did not apply.

DREAMS can come true!

Dianna Sanchez

2016 Chelan High School graduate
2018 Wenatchee Valley College graduate
2020 Washington State University graduate

I Made It!

I have accepted a Technical Support Agronomist position at Stemilt Ag Services. In this role, I will be optimizing existing and new agricultural technologies to create orchard system efficiency and sustainability. I will be working with Orchard Management and Crop advisors to create higher precision in irrigation systems, nutrient management, orchard mapping, crop forecasting, and integrated pest management programs. I will also be working on field research and development projects.

I am excited to continue learning, but now in a new way spending time outdoors and working for a wonderful company in Wenatchee, Washington.

WAEF has given me opportunities to gain exposure to the tree fruit industry by attending the WSTFA Annual meeting a few times and to learn about career opportunities within the tree fruit industry through MANY career tours throughout my college experience. I am certain that WAEF has given me a presence as a student pursuing a career in the tree fruit industry which I believe is a high contributor to my success. I am very grateful that I decided to fill out a scholarship application four years ago, without that I’m not sure where I would be. WAEF is an organization that has been exceptionally supportive the whole way through!

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